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Dylan Werkman (1993) is a Dutch film director based in Amsterdam. In film, Werkman primarily explores the boundaries between fiction and documentary. Along these boundaries, he uses nature, poetry, and archival footage as a tool for contemplation. Werkman currently works on fictions films, documentaries, and commissioned work.

Before graduating from the Netherlands Film Academy Werkman’s third-year documentary Seven Days Alone (2019) was selected for 2Doc/VPRO’s Makers van morgen-program and eventually became 1 of the 10 most watched films on the platform. His graduation documentary A View from Above (2020) the following year was crowned the best student film of the Netherlands by winning a Tuschinski Award at the Netherlands Film Festival, and has received international acclaim with nominations at prestigious festivals like Full Frame, Raindance, Short Shorts, FICBEU among others. The film won the best documentary at the Oscar Qualifying Film Festival OFF (Odense Film Festival). His project The Last Waves of Eugène (2022) was selected for a Golden Calve award at the Netherlands Film Festival and enjoyed its international premiere at the Oscar-qualifying Cairo International Film Festival.

Werkman is finishing his short documentary ‘Images from Tuvalu’ and this summer production of his fiction film ‘Pluto’ will kick off.

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